Welcome to Hiru Fashion

Our business originated in the year 2000 initiated by a single employee who used his living quarters to establish the business. The original output of the business was solely the production of Gents Shorts which were sold at the local markets. Gradually we managed to expand the product line into producing Women’s blouses and produced 50 blouses initially which ultimately led to an even larger order that resulted in production of 500 blouses. This can be identified as one of the milestones in our journey of expanding the business. There onwards we partnered with friends and family and made necessary arrangements to expand the horizons of our venture. And as a result of meeting the consumer expectations extraordinarily well we were able to increase our sales and move into a newly established two storied building in year 2013 to carry out further business activities amidst which we boasted an overall count of 42 employees and was paving way to a new aspect of development together with the support of National Productivity Secretariat. with the objective of creating a work friendly environment , the 5S and Kizen systems were practiced within the business environment which resulted in boosting ways to achieve the company vision while creating a healthy working environment.

Our Vision

Targeting an export oriented production level by the year 2020 and

Our Mision

Catering an excellent service to customers via innovative productions that meet the customer  satisfaction through a satisfied labour force.